The common theme in all successful diets


One of Dale Pinnock’s most endearing traits is his honesty. 

The highly-qualified nutrition expert, also known as The Medicinal Chef, has authored more than a dozen healthy eating books, yet he still doesn’t pretend he knows what the best diet is and stresses the reality that, actually… no one does.

In fact, in HealthHackers episode 20 he reveals how frustrating the ever-changing and developing world of nutrition can be.

“Whenever I’m asked, ’What’s the ideal diet?’ my answer is, ‘I haven’t got a clue’ because we just can’t say that”.

“What we can say is we know how our modern diet is damaging our health so maybe let’s do the opposite”.

According to Dale, regardless of which dietary trend or approach you decide to focus on, there will always be stories of people who tried it and experienced majorly positive health transformations, regardless of whether it’s LCHF, paleo, raw food, vegan, or macrobiotic.

“Even though they are vastly different, there’s one common theme that they all share.

“This is probably where the truth lies.

“They all cut out the rubbish that’s making us sick in the first place!”

Steering clear of over-processed junk food is a no-brainer for Dale.

Along with that, he advocates three key pillars for optimising health.

Eating nutrient dense foods is one of Dale’s key health pillars

Eating nutrient dense foods is one of Dale’s key health pillars

They are: maintaining good blood sugar balance, achieving optimal fatty acid ratios and including nutrient dense foods in your diet.

Listen here for examples and Dale’s tips on how to make those pillars a reality.

While interviewing Dale, I got a genuine sense he does what he does for the greater good; why else would he write 14 books on healthy eating?

“I’m not here for my ego.

“I feel absolute responsibility to give the best information I can.”

And that’s exactly what the world needs more of.

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