Episode 12: Ben Coomber

Why you're not hitting your fitness goals & what to do about it

HealthHackers Ep 12 with coach & podcaster Ben Coomber

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In this episode, you'll hear: 

  • the best methods that will lead you to great achievements

  • how to train yourself to be motivated

  • why Ben thinks egos and BS are plaguing the fitness industry

  • how the fitness industry is failing the public

  • Ben’s view on why a diet works and why it doesn’t

  • the problem with health blogs

  • how to break down divisive nutrition confusion

  • the key nutrients that help with exercise recovery

  • how Ben handles his critics

  • Ben’s deepest personal driving forces that helped him achieve success

  • what’s really behind your gym addiction

  • a common reason you’re not losing weight even though you’re eating right

  • what made Ben decide to lose four stone

  • how Ben’s own health challenges spurred him on to help others

The fitness industry is ‘failing the public’

I’ve only met Ben Coomber twice but I get the impression he says exactly what he thinks.

If you’re familiar with his podcast, you’ll know he’s been vocal about a problem with “egos and BS” in the fitness industry.


It takes courage to make statements that could disrupt the status quo - but it’s clear to me that Ben’s intentions are only for the greater good. 

In #HealthHackers ep 12, Ben told me how his issue with egos stems from a frustration with the way some people in the industry behave; spouting their theories and methodology in the belief that only they are right.

“There’s not enough acceptance of other people and their ideas,” he explained to me.

“The fitness industry is just making a great job of the general public becoming more and more confused because we keep arguing about two, three, four per cent of our belief systems”.

And if the public is feeling confused - then the fitness industry, according to Ben, is failing them.

Chatting to Ben for even just 30 seconds is enough to make you realise how much he genuinely wants to help change peoples’ lives so they can feel awesome. 

If you haven’t already, have a listen to his top tips for boosting motivation on those days when you’re really not looking forward to going to the gym.

Aside from hosting his top ranking podcast, he’s also written books, launched an online nutrition education academy and founded an ethical supplement brand.

Check out more about Ben here.

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