Episode 15: Robert Pender

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy & why sports stars use it

#HealthHackers Ep 15 with hyperbaric specialist Rob Pender

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In this episode, we cover: 

  • what happens during a hyperbaric oxygen therapy session

  • why people go for it

  • what inhaling 97% oxygen does to our bodies (we typically breathe 21% in normal air)

  • what happened when Rob carried out HBOT sessions for players in a struggling Premier League team

  • why Rob often sees clients for free

  • the reason HBOT is also reportedly being used by women following facelifts

  • why Rob wants to see more clinical trials on the effects of hyperbaric medicine

  • the biggest problem preventing those trials from happening, according to Rob

  • why HBOT might help you sleep

  • Plus, the reason Rob invited the London Mayor for a free session in the tank 

'Hyperbaric is taking off now'

Getting shut inside a sealed tank while inhaling 97% oxygen for an hour might sound a bit scary - but according to specialist Robert Pender, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can have great health & recovery benefits. 

Rob’s clients at his London hyperbaric centre include ultra-famous sports stars. 

The award-winning specialist, who's spent the last 29 years working within the field of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, also provides sessions for people living with health conditions, ranging from fibromyalgia to carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as female clients hoping for better skin healing after having a facelift. 

There’s some debate over the efficacy of HBOT. It has long been used as a therapeutic intervention but the evidence for it hasn’t been proven in randomised controlled trials. 

In this episode of HealthHackers, Rob reveals remarkable anecdotal success stories and calls for further studies into the power of HBOT. He also tells us why he believes some large scale expensive trials haven’t yet been carried out.

Last year, he was given the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation, but Rob has no plans to slow down now. His next goal is to open HBOT clinics all over the UK - ideally within the next ten years. 

If you'd like to get in touch with Rob Pender, he can be reached at drpender@hbot.org & drpender@hyperbaricoxygenthearpy.co.uk

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