Episode 11: Chris Darwin

How going meat-free for one day per week could change the world

#HealthHackers Ep 11 with Charles Darwin’s great-great-grandson and flexitarian conservationist, Chris Darwin

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Chris’s three worst-offender foods he avoids for good health

  • what kinds of meat we should be giving up

  • why not all meats are created equal

  • what impact your meat-free days have on the planet and children in poverty

  • how Chris broke the Guinness record for holding the world’s highest dinner party

  • why he was onboard the first Round Britain Windsurf expedition

  • how you can benefit from his motivational tracking app

  • how to tell if you’re truly an environmentalist

  • why Chris moved to Australia

  • how he travels after he gave up flying

  • the research Chris did on me (!) about my near-fatal health scare… plus lots more!

How your MFDs could change the world

Despite his passion for reducing the amount of animal products we eat, Charles Darwin’s great-great-grandson, Chris, is not vegan or even vegetarian. He’s flexitarian - which means he eats a largely plant-based diet but enjoys the odd organic free-range steak now and then.

In this episode of #HealthHackers, Chris chats to me about why he wants us all to have a meat-free day (MFD) at least once per week. He's got strong opinions and some shocking stats on what would actually change in the wider world if we just quit meat a bit more often - including a significant impact on children living in poverty.

Chris's life so far seems just as fascinating as that of his famous naturalist great-great-grandfather. As well as raising $1.3m for charity and being the Ambassador of Bush Heritage Australia, he's also accomplished some impressive world firsts and broke the record for holding the world’s highest dinner party (spoiler: two guests got hyperthermia during pudding).

Chris has also launched a motivation and tracking app that we can all use to see what effect our meat-free eating is making. Check out The Darwin Challenge app.

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