Hands-on: Firstbeat Lifestyle

Here’s what happened when I tried out the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment tool.

It’s used by athletes for performance analytics but could prove useful to anybody who wants a snapshot of how their body is dealing with daily stress, exercise, sleep and recovery.

In this video, you’ll see how the device was fixed to my chest for three days and three nights, and hear insights about the effects of sleep and exercise on our physiological state from Firstbeat Technologies’ Exercise Physiologist and Master Trainer, Tiina Hoffman.

Firstbeat loaned me the kit to try out on healthHackers® for free, but they’re offering a discount of £30 off the £179.00 package listed here - https://international-shop.firstbeat.... Use the checkout code: firstbeatuk

I wasn’t paid by Firstbeat or any other company to film and produce this video - and I do not receive any money from sales when you use the above code.

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