Hands-on: The Sensate Pebble

I've been stimulating my vagus nerve this past week. It’s part of my trial with the Sensate Pebble - a health tech wearable device developed to help you relax on demand and give you the benefits of meditation without the years of practice.

It emits low frequency sound waves, called infrasonics, through your chest bone which are supposed to stimulate your all-important vagus nerve.

BioSelf, the company behind the Pebble, says stimulating the vagus nerve is scientifically proven to lower stress levels.

In this video, you’ll see me testing the Sensate Pebble in the midst of a central London protest, plus hear the CEO and inventor, Stefan Chmelik, explain how wearing the device for 10 minutes a day across six weeks “starts to give people a new brain” by laying down new sets of neurons that can improve your ability to handle stress.

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DISCLOSURE: I will receive a small commission when you purchase a Sensate device using the above code. If you don’t like that idea, you are free to purchase one without using the discount code.

This does not affect my editorial judgement and independence.

I was not asked by BioSelf Technology or any other company to film and produce this video.